As you may already know, the Lord's Resistance Army, led by Joseph Kony, devastatingly and brutally ravished almost 2 generations of children in Northern Uganda (and more recently in Congo and Sudan) from 1988 - 2010. He would capture and enslave the children, abuse them psychologically, physically, and sexually, and then get them to fight in his army, forcing them to physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse and brutalize other adults and children.


Many of these children have been rescued and placed in "refugee"-type camps in Northern Uganda where they are being kept and educated. Not much has been done to help them process and heal from their experiences. In fact, some of these homes are actually headed by children.


​Our hope is to re-visit three distinct areas of Uganda: Gulu (children, teenagers and their adult mentors), Pader for the first time (young adults 18-25) and Kampala (adult women with HIV). Our mission schedule is still being developed. Our hope is not only to minister to the people of Uganda, but also to teach them the basic skills in the healing from trauma.


During our mission in 2013 we filmed all of our ministry work and have begun work on creating a documentary highlighting the healing work and giving all of the glory to Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In August, 2013, Restoring the Heart Ministries and Alarm Ministries ( partnered to bring healing to hundreds of children and adults in Uganda, Africa. We had the privilege of ministering the love of God to traumatized children, their mentors and women in this beautiful, yet trauma ridden country with 10 professional counselors/prayer facilitators trained in the Immanuel healing prayer ( and In the Wildflowers Program, 2 young missionary adults, and 2 professional camera men.

We would greatly appreciate any support you can provide for the continued work of Restoring the Heart Ministries.

Restoring the Heart Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization entirely funded by private donations.​
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