“In the Wildflowers”

Facilitation and Healing Retreat


(Training for those who would like to learn how to facilitate the Wildflowers Program and those who need healing)


 Facilitators will be trained to lead Wildflower groups through observation and participation in a similar group lead by experienced facilitators.



  • To offer hope to those who have experienced childhood trauma/abuse for their own healing through the visual storytelling of Julie Woodley and the personal journeys of five other women.
  • To eliminate feelings of isolation and to create a safe environment for healing, by allowing the viewer to witness a similar community working toward healing.
  • To lead the viewer to the Biblical understanding and experience of God’s unconditional love and healing.


Facilitator: Julie Woodley, MA

Dates: Thursday Oct. 17th, 6-9, Friday Oct. 18th, 9-9 and Saturday Oct. 19th, 9-5 

Cost: $265.00 which includes 2 1/2 days of training/healing, meals and participant workbook.   

Place: Crossroads Counseling and Care Center, 

1520 N. Rock Run Drive, #14, Crest Hills, IL 60403


If you are interested in participating in this group, please call:  631-662-5197

(All new participants need to meet with a facilitator prior to entrance into the group to complete an intake summary.)


Essence Statement:

Restoring the Heart Ministries, Inc. exists to share the truth and healing power of Jesus to those who are broken by various traumas.

RTHM is a non-profit organization. To inquire about the ministry, and “In The Wildflowers”, visit our website at 

www.rthm.cc, email us at info@rthm.cc

A participant shares:

“Being able to talk about things in my life that I never thought I would. Opening up and letting God heal.”

In the Wildflower Retreats


    Restoring the Heart Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization entirely funded by private donations.

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