What is Happening God??

I had a divine surreal miracle happen the other morning.  I had spent hours working on a screenplay outline about my life. I was inviting God into every area of my past traumatic childhood and adolescence memories of pain and trauma (before I lovingly met Christ). After about 8 hours I finally fell asleep in the presence of Christ. Literally I could sense and feel His heartbeat as His voice of love comforted me and lulled me to sleep (about 1:30 am).

Around 5:30 am He woke me up and spoke to my heart, "Arise my beloved, I have more to write of OUR LOVE STORY." I sat at the computer and He immediately brought me to a very traumatic memory. I was reliving it! I spoke out loud, "Jesus, please come!"  I then got up to "wiggle out" the stress and went to get a glass of water. As soon as I got up everything went black and I fell to the floor (thank God, I have carpet). When I awoke, I was having overwhelmingly beautiful heavenly encounters. I encountered His presence filled with inexpressible love & beauty. More real than my breath. My heart was beating with His. His eyes of love and comfort were gazing at me. I got up off the floor and I went out to my porch and there were birds going crazy singing His praises. He said “Look Up”. When I looked up into the sky, there was an angelic scene of a cloud image of a dove and on each side, were sheets of rain, (it was raining somewhere in Chicago), but the sun was shining through. Wow!!!!!

I had tears of joyful praise knowing that God is walking with me and through my traumatic memories. His love caused me to feel His eruption of love exploding in me. I fell on my knees in praise. I went back inside and finished writing the screenplay outline, wildly in love with my Savior and best friend Jesus.

A few days later (July 4) I was going out to dinner with my son, Jon Michael, and his girlfriend, Madeline. On our way to the restaurant, I was telling them about my divine encounter and what I saw in the sky. Jon Michael said, "Oh come on Mom, God doesn't speak to us in the sky." I told my son to just watch and be open. Right then a huge ball of a red sun appeared! It was a bright red and orange. He almost ran off the road. Wow! We had never seen anything so brilliant and bright. It was only a brief sighting, but long enough to take our breath away. We arrived at the restaurant and we were seated on their outdoor deck and we were able watch some splendid fireworks.“See!”, I said. “God is showing up in the sky everywhere!!!

Oh, and there is more!! It gets better. Since that divine moment I had on the floor, my vision is now 20/20! My left eye became 20/20 after my recent brain surgery, but I still needed glasses for my right eye. Well, I can't wear my glasses anymore (everything is distorted with glasses). God healed my memories and now my eyesight! Complete and thorough restoration!

That's what I'm talking about! Erupting PRAISE all over the place. Fireworks galore!!! If God can use Moses to free those in bondage, He could use me! I am a simple and broken woman who is not eloquent in speech, but with a heart beating with God’s wild love and trust. First, He restores me and then watch out!!!! Praying I can have a trusting heart like Moses to set people free from bondage. Praise joy!! Enough for the world!!! It is a Love Revolution!! #GodsMiracles #LoveRevolution

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