What Are You Hoarding? God Can Use Your Chapter of Pain.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning. I have been going through my “junk” that I have held onto for decades. Yes, I admit that I can be a “hoarder.” God surprised me with a big message as I was going through my “junk”. You see, I left my childhood home with nothing. Only the clothes on my back. I couldn’t risk going home to get anything, I just had to get out of there FAST, my life and safety were in jeopardy and I knew it. As I got older and started having children I grieved not being able to give them any of my childhood memories. My Parents had burned all my dolls, my heart was broken that I had nothing to pass onto my children. When my Grandmother was alive I asked her if she could please send me something to remember her by. She had this candy dish that I used to run to when I visited her loving home. Years ago, she sent me the candy dish. A few weeks ago, as I was going through my mountain of junk I ran across the candy dish. I saw it in a box and got so excited as memories of my Grandmother flooded my heart! I was so excited as I reached into the box where it lay. Well, it was broken! In my excitement I sliced my finger open pretty bad. As the blood dripped down my hand I prayed “God what are you telling me? “

"Love, throw it away. I have stored the beautiful memories in your memory for you to share with your Children and Grandchildren. Your Grandmother left the legacy of love. Those memories can never be broken. She gave you the greatest gift of all. She gave you prayers of love and extravagant love that came from me. Throw the dish away, but my child I also want you to look at the dysfunctional relationships that you have “hoarded” like moth balls in the attic. Give them to me, I will lead guide and direct what you are to do. I will instruct you how to “love them well” from a distance. Their dysfunction and cruelness are continuing to break your heart. Give those that you love to me, I will love them better then you ever could. And by the way-give me that broken heart I will restore it to fullness. Love, I am making a masterpiece of you—I also want you to let go of any relationship or emotional dysfunction you are still holding onto."

So, in my storage unit I grabbed a paper towel, held it tight around the wound, then I lifted up my hand and heart and symbolically give all to my Lord. I recently received this prayer-please pray it with me, “Lord, you know my needs. All I ask is that you provide a single healing stitch to my heart once a day. I know that over time, while the scar in my heart will always remain, the healing can begin”.

It’s 2 weeks after I sliced my finger. This prayer reaches the air of God. He is doing His “spring cleaning” in my heart, relationship and emotional dysfunction. He is closing many doors and opening new BIG doors. I know that I must take each relationship and emotional dysfunction before God. I recognize that I had refused to see or was unable to see because of not being completely yielded to Him.

Let God begin to rewrite your story. Invite Him to show you your past through His eyes. Ask him to surface good memories you have forgotten. He would love to do it. There is healing to be had there. There is a replacing of regret with mercy. He is rewriting my story, His story really. I now see “hidden splendor”. He reveals to me His perception on what was going on underneath and behind the scenes. I recognize that He is weaving in me His God story and that all thing are and will work together for good. I couldn’t see all of the ways He has loved me, shielded me, provided for me with more love than my heart could hold. I know I won’t see it all until I enter into heaven, but I believe it would be too brilliant and too stunning to comprehend. He is indeed replacing regret with mercy and sadness with joy as I let Jesus have His divine nature in me, the greatest exchange ever! Christ-the greatest love gift ever!

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