To be woman

We, women are mysterious.  We hold a deep desire to be part of something larger than ourselves, something big with infinite possibilities for miracles to happen.  Our heart longs to be bound together in some heroic purpose with others of like heart, mind and spirit.  We are filled with endless possibilities of mystery and romance that is set deep within us.  

We hold many desires but 2 that are set deep within us. 

· We long to be part of an adventure that requires something from us.  We hold deep within our hearts a desire to possess unrelenting courage, beauty (that can be seen, felt and affect others.  A beauty that longs to be unveiled).  Deep within our souls we know that we are created to be the Master’s finishing touch.  We crave intimate relationship that helps us know we have something valuable to offer.  To truly love and be loved we become vulnerable.  In this adventure of our story we also long for:

·  Someone to know us intimately, while at the same time inviting us to know them.  We hold mystery. This is the most treasured deepest gifts woman possess, we bear the image of God.  But his mystery isn’t something for a man to take out his tool chest and fix or figure out, but “something to be explored” She, much like God is to be a vast wonder and exploration to be enjoyed.  When she trusts and feels safe will reveal more of her beauty.  This is also true of her sexuality.  Women don’t want to just “do it” they yearn to be known, this takes time and deep intimacy.  As she unveils her beauty, she draws man to know her more tenderly deeply and yes, passionately.  

At the core of femininity is depth, wonder, mystery, beauty and complexity.  AT the heart of God’s heart, he too carries those mysterious traits.   The beauty and wonder to be known and to know intimately,   which carries the same beauty-depth, wonder, mystery, and complexity.  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jer. 29:13). 

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