The Gift of Listening

Sometimes life just hurts. I understand that painful things happen, like big traumas and small traumas and they can take the joy out of life. As a victim of various life traumas myself, God has given me the empathy of a friend who can walk beside you.  I have learned to be resilient in the face of trauma.  How? Listening to the voice of God in the darkest of times.  Listening is a mark of love.  When you know you are heard you bring your thoughts, hurts, dreams emotions to your Beloved.  God is NEVER too busy to listen, he responds with His word and speaking into our hearts. 

Today God spoke to me: “Peace be with you, I will calm this storm.”  God is a two-way communicator.  He hears our hearts of  pain even in our nuances. I want to have the heart of a child.  “Speak, for your child hears.” God is a good Father!  He wants nothing more than to give us the best and most satisfying gift we can imagine! Jesus, you are MY heart’s desire! 

Be aware, we are at war! We must fight for the life God intends for us! We must fight for our heart!  Why? Because it is the wellspring of life within you. Your heart matters deeply!  So today remain quiet. You may be in a dark place, but see this as a gift as darkness is the time to listen.  If you open your mouth in the dark you will be speaking in the wrong mood.  When God speaks to you in the darkness, He will give you delightful gifts!  Gifts that you will want to share from the rooftops for others, that are in their own darkness, to hear! "Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops” (Matthew 10:27).

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