Overwhelming Sorrow

Today I give a BIG cry out to those in sorrow and loss. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sometimes sorrow so overwhelms us that we can no longer believe in joy. Our lives feel filled to the brim with violence, loneliness, endless pain and disappointments. Let’s be a family of God together to remind one another that at times crushed grapes can produce delicious wine. I know firsthand that joy can and DOES come from our sorrows. Please know that we are in a world at war! A war for your hearts. The evil wants you to believe “this is as good as it gets”. The Spirit within me shouts out-THAT’s NOT TRUE! You were made to be loved and to love. God is creating a masterpiece in you, allow Him to mold you.

We are in a desperate hour. Don’t let the evil one strip away the essence of your faith and your burning hearts of love. In working with youth, I see mostly lost, confused, and directionless souls. I pray I can be a light in their path to bring them back to Christ and His abundant life for them.

I recently met with a young woman that was so confused about her sexuality. She had no direction from her parents, only criticism. She had been abused by various men and HATED the fact that she was female. Being a woman only brought pain. I had the great opportunity to proclaim the good news of Christ risen and the joy of God created her to be—a masterpiece. You see, Eve is the Master’s finishing touch. Eve is breathtaking! Look at all of the higher works of God—they all show the magnificent captivating beauty of woman! She fills a place in the world that no one else can fill. She is the crescendo of God’s artwork. “The Lord God cast a deep slumber on the human, and he slept, and He took one of his ribs and closed over the flesh where it had been, and the Lord God built the rib He had taken from the human into a woman and He brought her to the human.” (Gen. 2:21-23) I got the great opportunity to come around her feminine heart and hear her pain. But even greater God reveled to me the resurrection life that was being formed in her. She began to slowly enjoy her feminity. She came in last week thrilled that she had a pedicure. She had a pretty dress on. This was the first time she had worn a dress since before she had been sexually abused. God prepared her for the joy of being woman. She had step by step become one with the Spirit of God within her.

You see, God cannot reveal anything to us if we don’t have His spirit. If we are unyielding and headstrong, this will effectively prevent God from revealing anything to us. She had surrendered her heart to God and he lifted her sorrow and loss and replaced it with JOY-PURE JOY! She now is excited to be a woman and is reclaiming the years the evil one has stolen.

God created all of you to be a masterpiece- Let Him lift your loss and sorrow today! His love will win this war! I am LIVING LIFE LOVED! Join me?

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