Life Is A Gift

Each one of us is known by name, unique and loved by the one who fashioned us. Unfortunately, there is a consistent loud powerful message coming to us from the world that leads us to believe we must prove ourselves. When we employ the Scriptures, we look at the many metaphors that capture the many facets of our relationship with God we get a wide variety of breathtaking metaphors. From the potter and the clay, to He is Master, we are Servants, He is the Shepherd, we are the sheep, He is the Father, we are the children, such comfort in we are “friends” with the Living God. But the one that takes our breath away is the deepest level of intimacy and partnership. We are lovers. This romantic courtship that began with a honeymoon in the Garden culminates in the wedding feast of the Lamb. He says “I will take delight in you.” “As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will I rejoice over you,” and how might we respond “I am my beloveds and his desire is for me.”

When we really understand our incredible values as God’s Beloved we are set free! A freedom rises up within us to live the glory of God right here, present. Not discontented from the present. The Holy Spirit gives us help to know how to pray, how to turn back to God when we feel weak, and how to be thankful. We become so excited to thank that God’s plan for us gets better and better as we grow closer to him and come closer to our eternal destiny.

We begin to live our deep validation as God’s Beloved. Our identity doesn’t wilt under criticism. We may enjoy applause but we are no longer desperate for it. We can walk away from a work day and be content. We don’t measure our success by how much money we make nor becoming “perfect”

As abiding in Christ becomes our mode of everyday living we let go of our own self-interest. Yet we know there is NO circumstance of life in which we cannot abide in Jesus. We begin to see pride as it truly is “making self” our God. WE realize to the depth s of our being that “our home is in Him. We begin to live the life of a Saint. Not engineering our circumstances; but living consequently with only unrestrained surrender to Jesus. WE become the echo of Christ’s coming. Living the life of Christ is within reach. We begin to like our days holding onto this truth “I am a son/daughter of the living God. I am chosen. I am deeply loved. We experience a holy shift within us. We will begin to live unashamedly, wildly in Love with our Lord. Yes! Life is a gift. Instead of being preoccupied with “making it” in this life lets grasp the liberating truth of our love origin and our finality. Only when we hear the love message announced over and over again do we find the courage to claim it and live from it we begin to live free to love and be loved! “I am a son of the living God. I am chosen. I am deeply loved.” You will feel things shifting deep inside. Amen!

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