God has a Unique Mission for You

God has given us all a mission. We can choose to live out that mission or to simply follow our own way. That mission is given specifically to you, just YOU. When you are just you, your anointing is activated. We may spend our whole lives being distracted because we so long for human recognition, and we lose our calling. Or we may spend our existence comparing and competing with others. We find ourselves unable to celebrate with others because we are jealous that they have succeeded, and we have not. I know firsthand that favor didn’t come without pain. We don’t know what the struggles have been for others to succeed. You may lose sight of your calling because you have become a slave to your version of “success” but forgotten the unique purpose God has for you. Just you, no one else.

We may have to come to terms with who we are but also who we are NOT. Everyone has different gifts and talents. Take what God gave you to complete your destiny. Don’t get caught up in the weeds of competing and comparing. Take what you have and run with it.

It is so easy in our day to hide our destiny behind reason and logic. We must grow beyond mere reason and logic or we will be stunted in our growth, especially as a lover. The lover is awakened when they come to see that the poetic is far truer than the propositional and the analytical. When Jesus says, “Consider the lilies of the field,” he does not mean to analyze them, but rather, behold them, take them in, let their beauty speak, for “Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are” (Matt. 6:29 NLT). He appeals to their beauty to show us the love of God.

When I came to Christ, I was not looking for religion but for truth, and I found it. God, in his graciousness, gave me a full scholarship to a great Christian College. I ate up every word! But at times, I was quite disheartened that yes, they were satisfying my mind by helping me understand the intellectual defense in the case for Christianity, but my heart yearned for something more. This little woman did go head to head (in a sweet way) with my Professors (especially one). I was coming closer to the heart of God through the beauty of nature, other students, but mainly with the whisper and love of God when I so desperately needed it. Analysis didn’t bring me closer to God. I began to pick up books of other writers- C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Henri Nouwen, and others- smart men and women quite capable of making a good argument, but that wasn’t the essence of God’s glory. They do speak to the mind but more so to the heart.

These other writers and the word of God helped me to see that I was pregnant with greatness! Yes, I was and still am not considered wealthy by the world’s standards, but I have eternal riches that far surpass any earthly inheritance. I have had many Goliath tests in my life where the giant is in front of me and all I have is a little slingshot, and that one little rock is enough to slay that giant. I may not be rich or famous, but I am filled with reckless abandonment with the love of God. I am totally surrendered to “the love of Christ” which is the only thing that will bear fruit in my life. My greatest desire is to leave the mark of God’s holiness and His power. I pray to never draw attention to my own “personal holiness” but to leave the mark of Christ on this broken world.

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