Cotton Candy Sparks

When my imagination wonders to dark places, places where God is not present, where self-condemnation or voices that condemn me come in, I simply ask Jesus to enter in.  I am so aware that the ravages of sin, abuse, neglect and a thousand addictions have left me in the shadow of what I was meant to be.  I then invite Jesus in. He is indeed humanity in its truest form. I then savor the moment.  Too much of my distorted imagination and thinking pushes Him away.  His humanity brings Him closer.  His favorite title was the Son of Man. Not of God, but man. 

You see, God is an incredible romancer. He is my hero.  He awakens my heart.  He is relentless in His pursuit of me. He wins my heart and is taking me on an incredible great adventure and love story.  I fear that at times the Christian community has reduced God to function, theology, and problem solving.  Yes, that is part of the story but it’s only the beginning! 

He longs to pursue our hearts and create us to be what we were meant to be!  My lover is God!  God woke me up today with the sound of birds, I savor every moment of this beautiful life!  Today God is calling me to immerse myself with Him.  As we reflect on the beauty of God’s handiwork and saturate ourselves in Scripture –memorizing it, studying it, an meditate on it, we become the masterpiece of who He created us to be. 

I went out with some friends last night.  Friends I met just “doing life”.  I don’t think they have any relationship with God nor an interest to.  That’s OK, because God brought them to me for a reason.  The couple had just moved into a new house and they basically were intent on talking about matching furniture, wallpaper, and counter tops.  Honestly, I was bored to exhaustion.  Well, this restaurant offers cotton candy for free if its your birthday. It was my friend James Birthday.  So, they brought out this big pile of cotton candy.  That opened up the opportunity for me to ask questions.  I asked everyone what their favorite childhood memory was.  WHOA!!!  It was like a table of little kids sharing childhood memories.  I then asked them if they were living out their childhood desires to become who God created them to be.  Whoa! The conversation became deeper as we reflected on the desires God gave us as children. I thank the Holy Spirit for creatively interweaving our God desires into this conversation.  The key ingredient is a willingness to follow the Holy Spirits gentle voice as He told me the questions to ask to steer the conversation from “dressing up your home” to seeing God in the middle of this Friday night where we only came to grab pizza, but God wanted us to grab Him.

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