A curriculum series with DVDs and workbooks for those who need healing from sexual abuse. In the Wildflowers is a 10-part DVD series with accompanying curriculum targeted to those who wish to facilitate a group of people who have experienced the pain of childhood sexual abuse. Each of the 10 steps will feature a Christian counseling professional who will focus on a particular stage in the healing process as well as the visual storytelling of Julie Woodley and other women's personal journeys.

Who is it for?

​In the Wildflowers project is for women and men (Into the Light) who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse or other trauma as well as anyone who may have encountered various degrees of violations (emotional, physical or spiritual) in their youth and/or adulthood. Through a 10-step process, "In the Wildflowers" offers caring, understanding and hope to survivors.

How does it work?

In the Wildflowers group participants meet once a week for ten weeks, working through the ten steps of the program and viewing the DVD's with a qualified facilitator(s). During this time each participant is strongly encouraged to meet with a professional counselor on an individual basis.

How to get involved?


First participate in training. You may also purchase DVD kit.