Restoring the Heart Ministries is a non-profit ministry, in order to continue in God's great work we are asking for prayer and financial support. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


Training sessions established to help group leaders have the confidence to successfully facilitate an In the Wildflowers and/or Into My Arms group. Leaders experience the project "first hand" so they can assist their clients involved with In the Wildflowers. We provide a "safe place" for the facilitators to obtain healing themselves. The intensity of this project may "trigger" past issues in the facilitator. Participating in the training will assist facilitators to heal from any unresolved issues before they lead others in their healing journey.


A 10-part DVD series with accompanying curriculum targeted to those who wish facilitate a group of people who have experienced the pain of childhood sexual abuse.


A 10-part video series with accompanying curriculum targeted at counseling professionals and lay people to lead them through the forgiveness journey after an abortion.