Endorsements & Testimonies

Carol Kanaszka, Testimony

Hello Ms Woodley, I don't normally send friend requests to people who don't know me, but because of your program "in the wildflowers," I feel that I know you. Thank you for being open to the will of God and for creating this incredible gift for women who have been sexually abused as children. It has been a wonderful tool towards the healing process. I am blessed to have been able to go through the ten week retreat recently. Many abundant blessings to you and your ministry. 


Christopher West, Endorsement

Theology of the Body Institute

Lecturing around the world on the biblical vision of human sexuality, I encounter countless women seeking to recover from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. I am so grateful to have a resource I can whole-heartedly recommend. With this compelling series In the Wildflowers, Restoring the Heart Ministry offers the profound wisdom and insight of a vast array of Christian counselors and educators. One cannot help but be moved to the depths by the brave women who share their captivating stories. Watching this series promises to be a holy and healing experience.


Paul Meier, M.D., Endorsement

Author of more than 80 books

Founder of the national chain of non-profit Meier Clinics


As a psychiatrist, I have helped many hundreds of women AND men to recover from the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse. I have seen the pain, the feelings of powerlessness, the fear of intimacy issues, the loss of control issues, and the many symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. I have also been thrilled to see the love and joy in their lives after they work through the abuse adequately. That is why I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of IN THE WILDFLOWERS, an accurate, compassionate, and healing national MOVEMENT, not just a series. I highly recommend this curriculum primarily for victims of sexual abuse, but also for the therapists, family members and other loved ones who want to be better equipped to become a part of the healing process of these daughters and sons of God.


 John Eldredge, Endorsement

Author and Founder/President of Ransomed Heart Ministries

I love Julie Woodley's heart, and her desire to see hearts restored in the love of God. I think she brings a compassion, understanding and experience to these issues that women really need.

Jared Pingleton, PSY.D. 

Vice President of Professional Development, AACC

Julie Woodley is an exemplary person of integrity who consistently demonstrates mature fruit of the Holy Spirit
and faithful Christian character in all she is and in all she does. Julie possesses one of the most phenomenal testimonies of Christian redemption one will ever hear about and strives to continuously live out that transformational miracle in her relationships both personally and professionally.


As we all know, we can’t have a testimony without first going through some tests. Most impressively, she has passed some of the most difficult and painful tests life has to offer with proverbial flying colors. Consequently, Julie has been determined to glorify God in both her personal and professional life. Her ministry to hurting people has been one which I have watched with admiration and support.


Several years ago, I had Julie come and train my 20-person clinical staff at Focus on the Family. Her work was outstanding and my entire team was impressed with Julie both Christianly and clinically. Her heart of compassion for the hurting, insight for their painful dynamics and hope for their hearts to be healed is most impressive, refreshing and therapeutic.

Furthermore, Julie is simply the best net-worker I have ever seen. Her ability to connect people, ministries and organizations with one another with deftness and diplomacy is absolutely amazing. I am fully confident she will excel in whatever clinical, administrative and/or promotional opportunities you challenge her with due to her many capable gifts and talents. She will serve with distinction, humility and grace.